Amazon WorkDocs Web: Redesigned experience

Feb 22, 2018


Working closely with our customers, the Amazon WorkDocs web application has been redesigned to give you a file collaboration and management experience that makes it easier for you to organize your files and collaborate with others. It’s more intuitive, with one-click access to common features like editing, locking and unlocking files…


Amazon WorkDocs Drive for WorkSpaces

Sep 1, 2017


Today we’re announcing the release of WorkDocs Drive for users of the Amazon WorkSpaces service. WorkDocs Drive provides a modern way of accessing all of a user’s WorkDocs files, without taking up space on the local drive. Since WorkDocs Drive appears as a mounted drive for Windows, customers can access all of their cloud…




Folder Upload: A new way to upload files

Aug 30, 2017


WorkDocs already supports multiple ways to upload large numbers of files to our service. You can sync files from your desktop using the sync client and programmatically using the WorkDocs API. We’ve now added the ability to let users upload from the web interface. This will help users migrate their documents in bulk without…





Favorites: Your most important files, right at your fingertips

Aug 30, 2017


Everyone has their own way of managing and finding the files they work on. Some of us put everything in a single folder and depend on search to find what we need. Others will create elaborate folder hierarchies in order to easily find things. Frequent collaborators will search across shared files using the powerful search…





Amazon WorkDocs Sync: New and Improved

Jul 21, 2017


WorkDocs Sync Client provides native experience on Windows File Explorer and Mac Finder for users to create, view and update their WorkDocs content. As the number of team using WorkDocs increases, the content users’ collaborate on and upload to their WorkDocs cloud storage has been increasing exponentially…




Share a Link: Fastest way to broadcast files

We are excited to introduce new sharing experience in WorkDocs that enables a simpler way for users to share files using links. WorkDocs customers want to quickly share a file link with co-workers and external partners using email or chat without having to worry about file size and storage restrictions imposed by email…




Collaboration made easier with Amazon WorkDocs file lock and unlock

We have an exciting new feature to announce: File lock and unlock. It’s a great feature because it allows you to lock files for editing to make sure that no one overwrites your edits, without the need to coordinate changes with other collaborators. I would like to tell you about how our team uses the WorkDocs file Lock and Unlock…







Amazon WorkDocs: Key Collaboration Features

May 1, 2017

Amazon WorkDocs: Sync Application


Setup a Site and explore Administrative Features


Learn how to use key collaboration features on Amazon WorkDocs. In this video, we review a rich set of commenting features, like replying to and sending comments privately, that allow you to have a conversation-style discussion on your files and manage collaboration tasks without leaving the application.




Learn how to download, install, and use the Amazon WorkDocs Sync application to access your files and folders from the Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder view. In this video, we describe key features of the Amazon WorkDocs sync application, including how to view the status of your files and how to set which files and folders to sync to your local device.




Learn how to create and manage an Amazon WorkDocs site. In this video, we overview the setup process for an Amazon WorkDocs site, and show key administration features that allow you to manage access to your organization’s content and manage your users.














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