Everyone has their own way of managing and finding the files they work on. Some of us put everything in a single folder and depend on search to find what we need. Others will create elaborate folder hierarchies in order to easily find things. Frequent collaborators will search across shared files using the powerful search capabilities in the WorkDocs activity feed. We’ve now added a new way to help you easily find the files you’re looking for no matter your organizational preference: you can now favorite files, and they’ll always be one click away.

Favorites help you find what you need without resorting to search. Many of us have the 5 or 15 files that we constantly go back to, using them month after month, regardless of which directory they happen to exist in. Now, you can quickly favorite these files (or folders) by clicking the star next their name:

Add a Favorite

These favorites will always be quickly available via the new “Favorites” navigation item in your left-hand pane. The list will contain all of your favorites – there is no limit on how many you have.

Favorites List

No more digging through nested folders or re-typing the same search queries over and over just to get to the file you know is the right one. And in case you know you need some related files in your favorite’s parent folder, we’ve added a new menu option for favorite files, for you to “Open Containing Folder.”

Open Containing Folder   Of course, once you are done with a document or it becomes outdated, you can just click the star again to make sure it isn’t a favorite any more. You’ll always be able to find that file via search if you need it again.

The WorkDocs team is constantly improving the product in response to your valuable feedback. If you’ve got any feedback to share, please click the “Feedback” link in the bottom left corner and let us know!