WorkDocs already supports several ways to upload large numbers of files to our service. You can sync files from your desktop using the sync client and programmatically using the WorkDocs API. We’ve now added the ability to let users upload from the web interface. This will help users migrate their documents in bulk without having to install any software.

You’ll notice a new button, just to the right of “Upload files,” called “Upload Folder.” Click this button, and you’ll be presented with a folder selection dialog: New Folder Upload Button

You’ll notice the new folder added immediately in the list, with a progress bar across the bottom letting you know the upload progress for all the files within the folder.

Alternatively, try dragging a whole folder from either Windows Explorer or macOS Finder into the list view in the web UI. Drag to Upload

We’re constantly working on making the WorkDocs experience better. If you have feedback or want to let us know how we can build an even better product, follow the Feedback link in the bottom left and let us know. Thanks!