Working closely with our customers, the Amazon WorkDocs web application has been redesigned to give you a file collaboration and management experience that makes it easier for you to organize your files and collaborate with others. It’s more intuitive, with one-click access to common features like editing, locking and unlocking files. By focusing on clear work areas, straightforward navigation, and intuitive controls, your content moves to the forefront.

Starting today, you’ll find an easy to use and uncluttered interface designed to help you find the content you need, organize your most important files and folders, and control who can see what, quickly and easily.

Store & Manage YOUR Files

WorkDocs now has more consistency for file locations and simplified actions, to provide a more intuitive experience. Your files and your favorites have been bundled together. Activity feed and search are central to the experience, and they now have a new, more prominent location in the top navigation bar.

Other updates to the list view include double-click to open files, a new breakpoint for larger screens, and moving files with drag & drop from your desktop to WorkDocs.

1: An evolution in navigation and control for the new WorkDocs web client Clear groupings for your content (MyDocs), documents you’re sharing with others (Collaborate), and insight and discovery (Activity feed and Search) make sure you get to what you need quickly and easily.

2: Fast access to the actions you use most Common controls such as share a link, edit, lock, and invite people are now available in-line with your files, which means one-click access to powerful functionality, right from within list view.


3: New account pane All of your account settings are now available with a click on a new more prominent profile image.


Collaborate with Others

You’ll find files and folders that have been shared with you, documents you requested feedback on, and documents that others have requested feedback on in a separate section for collaboration.

A new control strip was added across all screens called the ‘Action bar’ and when someone asks for feedback, it’s now easier to spot - you’ll see a notification above Collaborate.

4: Clear actions for your files, always in a consistent location The right hand side of a pane’s ‘Action bar’ is where you’ll find actions like sharing links and inviting people, and the left hand side deals with locations and views.


Manage Access and Permissions

Based on feedback, we restyled ‘Share a link’ and made permissions clear and easy to control. To add to this, you can now manage user access to your files from within the People pane of a file or folder.

5: Clear sharing, collaboration and account settings Fast access to sharing and clear permissions settings within files and folders.



The new WorkDocs user interface (UI) is a more immersive experience, bringing focus to your content. Simple and contextual controls become available when you need them, making the UI feel uncomplicated - you can now do more within the same space.

Based on user feedback, you’ll see further tweaks to the way WorkDocs functions and you’ll find even more focused, intelligent experiences across Desktop, Mobile, and other integrated services.

We’re working backwards from your needs to build a connected, smart environment for you and your team to create, collaborate, and share with simple and intuitive control over all of your files.

To learn more about WorkDocs, or to start your 30-day trial, please visit Amazon WorkDocs.